Yesterday’s car Accident

You won’t believe what happened yesterday! I was driving to the dog park when someone drove straight through a red light into the side of me. Thankfully I’d seen them coming so I manage to break just in time, meaning they hit the front wheel rather than me or Gerald (that’s my dachshund),  but I was furious!

I changed my insurance policy this year, and I hadn’t had to call them yet so I was worried enough about that, but then Gerald starting shaking so I had to call the vets as well. Luckily, my husband had looked around for a new policy and we’d found one that was very cheap car insurance no deposit. We took the money that usually would have gone on the deposit and put it in our emergency savings pot, meaning I knew we could at least afford a vet visit.

I think God was looking out for me yesterday though, because not only was the damage quite superficial, the lovely lady I spoke to was very understanding of how panicked I was and made a note that I could call her back later with full details so that I could call the vet instead. Not only that, but we managed to squeeze Gerald in that day due to a cancellation.

The best news though – Gerald is fine! The shaking was just the shock, but by the time we were at the vets it had all but stopped. My vet is an absolute delight, and Gerald quite likes them (unless he sees a needle!). So with that all out of the way, I headed home to manage the mess. The lovely lady I spoke to had given me her name, so I called back and asked for her and she made everything so much easier than it could otherwise have been. I was a little worried that because we’d changed so recently it might be more difficult than normal, but it was a breeze. She walked me through everything I’d need to provide to make a claim, explained the excess we have on the account (we went for a lower one with a higher monthly payment, which I am so glad we did now!), and told me to give her a call back if I needed anything.

I feel so blessed right now – what could have been a complete nightmare turned into just a mild inconvenience thanks to the kindness of others (and my husband’s forward planning). I don’t know what I’d have done if we’d paid a deposit – I can’t bear to think about not being able to get Gerald checked over, even though he was fine in the end.