I realised something recently. I realised that if you let them, people will give you really really bad advice.

Here are a few examples of real life advice I have been given.

I was once told that if I missed a pill, I could just take 2 the next day to make up for it. That is definitely wrong.

I have also been told that it’s literally impossible for someone to take too many dietary supplements, this is also false.

Once, I owed a huge phone bill and was informed that it would be cheaper, in the long run, to go to the loan place near me and take out a payday loan. This was definitely incorrect. P.S Here’s the site I used: http://www.financeflamingo.com/

The advice that told me I should be myself at job interviews was also not the best I’ve ever had. The interviewer didn’t take me calling him a dick too well. Even though I was joking. Which I think shows he has no sense of humour. And people that have no sense of humour, are dicks. So I rest my case.

My friend once told me to drive through some barriers when I got locked into a car park one night. My missing wing mirrors say I shouldn’t have listened.

That just eating a whole white baguette for lunch every day would help me lose weight. This is the opposite of true, and also the opposite of a lunch that actually tastes good. Bread is fine and all, but not plain, dry bread.

When my friend told me that wearing a dress that zips literally all the way up would be a great idea on a night out in Ibiza and that of course, I didn’t need to wear underwear with it. That ended in a lot of people seeing my vagina!

The time I was advised to save money by letting my sister dye my hair instead of going to the salon was probably the worst advice. It’s interesting how one box dye can turn your hair so many different colours all at once. None of them flattering.