I thought, today, I would really depress myself by working out how much I’ve spent on car insurance. And then working out all of the other things I could have bought instead.

I can’t remember how much I’ve paid each year since I first started driving. And I haven’t kept note because I’m neither an insanely dull person who thinks it would be of any interest to people at parties. Nor am I suicidal and keeping a trick up my sleeve for the day I need just one final push over the edge.

So I just checked out the average annual price for cheap full coverage car insurance in New York and multiplied it. (Because describing that makes a much more interesting anecdote at parties. Kill me.)

Anyway, according to Google, $462 is the average price per year. And that means, my ten years behind the wheel has cost me my sanity, plus $4620.

In those ten years, I have made no claims. None. That means I have received nothing in return for that money. I have literally thrown away over four and a half thousand pounds. That sucks!

Do you know what I could have spent that money on?

For a start, I could have spent 4 and a half months travelling Southeast Asia!

I could have bought a car that actually runs properly.

It would have paid for half of the tuition fees for my entire degree.

My dog could own over 4620 pairs of frilly pink underwear. Or almost 500 Halloween costumes.

It would have paid for me to have 1320 confusing hair salon experiences in China.

Or have a semi-naked elderly Korean woman exfoliate my naked body in a public space over 300 times.

I could have done 23 skydives.

I could have bought roughly one and a half thousand Starbucks lattes.

Fed myself for over 6 years in Thailand.

All of those things. And I chose to give it to an insurance company for nothing. I should have just bought some very cheap car insurance no deposit. Maybe next time…