Why is finding cheap auto insurance so hard

I am almost at my wits end with my brother and am determined to make this the last time I help him. He has been given many opportunities in life but always finds a way to dig himself into a financial hole. He’s my baby brother but at some point, he must realize that he is no longer a baby. The latest dilemma involves his car and work but most importantly, has me trying to find out who has the cheapest auto insurance, which I did here: http://www.whohasthecheapestautoinsurance.com/.

He is an independent insurance agent but is required to maintain auto insurance for his car. He has somehow fallen behind on his payments and the original provider terminated his policy. Therefore, he has 72 hours to acquire coverage for the vehicle he utilizes for work or he could lose his job. I don’t want that to happen because I know he needs to work and without the job, he may end up on my couch. I need to find him auto insurance that he can afford and quickly. He’s always been a bit reckless involving matters of this nature but I think this time he’s really worried and wants to do right. He’s less than two months away from his five-year mark with the company and if he loses his position as an agent, he also loses his five-year milestone bonus payment.

I think I will let him sweat it out till the very last minute and then tell him that I will help. Is that mean? Nah, just trying to teach him a lesson and get him on the right track. I’ve spoken with several agencies and found a couple that make great options for my brother. I will probably call him late tonight and have him meet me at one of the two places tomorrow. It will be the last thing he expects, because I told him earlier today that I hadn’t had an opportunity to think about it. I want to see him do great but he first needs to assume responsibility for his own life.