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How I Found the Best Used Cars For Sale

Best Used Cars For Sale

There isn’t some big secret I’m going to tell you about how to find the best used cars. The truth is, they’re out there. You just have to find them and there’s no shortcut for doing that. You have to put in the work and it can take a lot of time. But here’s what I learned when I was shopping for used cars for sale that ended with me buying an awesome car. One that I really wanted that was in great shape and didn’t blow my budget.

Let’s talk about trade-ins. I was lucky enough to have one. If you have a trade-in, that can make all the difference in what car you’re going to buy and where you’re going to buy it. I had 3 cars I was deciding between and one of the deal breakers for me was when one of the dealerships refused to offer me what the others were on my trade in. Yes, it was only a few hundred dollars, but I felt like they weren’t willing to work with me. And that was a huge turnoff.

Next, make sure you feel comfortable at the used car dealerships you visit. This was huge for me. If I got a bad vibe from a place, I left without even looking at their inventory. For some reason, used cars for sale have a bad reputation. I don’t believe that it’s deserved, but I feel like the people selling them to you should be helpful at the very least. For me, I like someone friendly.

Don’t give up but be flexible. If you know the exact make and model you want, maybe be a little flexible on the color. Basically, if you want something really specific, spend some time researching it before you head out. Most used car dealerships put their inventory up on their website so you should be able to get some idea of where you can look.

And my biggest piece of advice isn’t really advice. These days, used cars are pretty spectacular. I mean, you can find out about the previous owners, any accidents the car’s been involved in, and compare it to similar vehicles to make sure you’re getting a fair price. If you do your research and know what you’re talking about, you’ll be able to find a great car at a great price. Next thing I did was do some car insurance shopping, I found a great deal on no deposit car insurance here:

What is the Best Month for Cottage Rentals in Ontario?

Cottage rentals Ontario, what you need to know.

I wrote this little guide for some of my friends visiting Canada. A lot of them have no idea about “cottage country” or life. Ontario cottages have long since been a vacation option of choice in Ontario. They provide Ontarians a way to escape everyday life, the city, and all the commotion. At the same time these rentals are very popular with tourists from outside the province of Ontario as well. Both Canadians and Americans have caught on to the playground that is cottage country, and are flocking to it in droves. So what is the best month for cottage rentals in Ontario? Here’s a closer look.

The Summer Months are Always Peak Season

While cottages can be rented all year round, the most popular time of year is always the summer months. During these months cottage-goer’s will get to take full advantage of watersports, hiking, biking, and other outdoor adventures. Because many of these cottages are located on lakes, it allows you to experience what they have to offer more fully. Of course this isn’t a secret, which means the summer months tend to be the peak time for tourists so it can get a bit crowded and busy on the beaches, in the lakes, and in popular tourist towns.

Take Advantage of the Winter Perks

Now if outdoor summer activities aren’t a big deal for you, you may do better to rent in the winter months. Depending on where you rent the cottage you may even be able to take part in skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating, snowmobiling and other great adventures. Winter tends to be less busy, which means you won’t have to put up with the same amount of crowds, it also means you won’t have as hard of a time finding a place to rent. Often winter prices are lower than peak summer rental prices too.

Book Well in Advance

No matter when you plan on visiting cottage country in Ontario it’s a good idea to book well in advance. While it may seem like there are a large amount of rental properties available, they tend to book up fast which can leave you stranded and without a place to stay. If you’re looking for a place to find cottages I recommend:

No Deposit auto insurance + Yesterday’s Accident

Yesterday’s car Accident

You won’t believe what happened yesterday! I was driving to the dog park when someone drove straight through a red light into the side of me. Thankfully I’d seen them coming so I manage to break just in time, meaning they hit the front wheel rather than me or Gerald (that’s my dachshund),  but I was furious!

I changed my insurance policy this year, and I hadn’t had to call them yet so I was worried enough about that, but then Gerald starting shaking so I had to call the vets as well. Luckily, my husband had looked around for a new policy and we’d found one that was very cheap car insurance no deposit. We took the money that usually would have gone on the deposit and put it in our emergency savings pot, meaning I knew we could at least afford a vet visit.

I think God was looking out for me yesterday though, because not only was the damage quite superficial, the lovely lady I spoke to was very understanding of how panicked I was and made a note that I could call her back later with full details so that I could call the vet instead. Not only that, but we managed to squeeze Gerald in that day due to a cancellation.

The best news though – Gerald is fine! The shaking was just the shock, but by the time we were at the vets it had all but stopped. My vet is an absolute delight, and Gerald quite likes them (unless he sees a needle!). So with that all out of the way, I headed home to manage the mess. The lovely lady I spoke to had given me her name, so I called back and asked for her and she made everything so much easier than it could otherwise have been. I was a little worried that because we’d changed so recently it might be more difficult than normal, but it was a breeze. She walked me through everything I’d need to provide to make a claim, explained the excess we have on the account (we went for a lower one with a higher monthly payment, which I am so glad we did now!), and told me to give her a call back if I needed anything.

I feel so blessed right now – what could have been a complete nightmare turned into just a mild inconvenience thanks to the kindness of others (and my husband’s forward planning). I don’t know what I’d have done if we’d paid a deposit – I can’t bear to think about not being able to get Gerald checked over, even though he was fine in the end.

My Goal is to Find Out Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance

Why is finding cheap auto insurance so hard

I am almost at my wits end with my brother and am determined to make this the last time I help him. He has been given many opportunities in life but always finds a way to dig himself into a financial hole. He’s my baby brother but at some point, he must realize that he is no longer a baby. The latest dilemma involves his car and work but most importantly, has me trying to find out who has the cheapest auto insurance, which I did here:

He is an independent insurance agent but is required to maintain auto insurance for his car. He has somehow fallen behind on his payments and the original provider terminated his policy. Therefore, he has 72 hours to acquire coverage for the vehicle he utilizes for work or he could lose his job. I don’t want that to happen because I know he needs to work and without the job, he may end up on my couch. I need to find him auto insurance that he can afford and quickly. He’s always been a bit reckless involving matters of this nature but I think this time he’s really worried and wants to do right. He’s less than two months away from his five-year mark with the company and if he loses his position as an agent, he also loses his five-year milestone bonus payment.

I think I will let him sweat it out till the very last minute and then tell him that I will help. Is that mean? Nah, just trying to teach him a lesson and get him on the right track. I’ve spoken with several agencies and found a couple that make great options for my brother. I will probably call him late tonight and have him meet me at one of the two places tomorrow. It will be the last thing he expects, because I told him earlier today that I hadn’t had an opportunity to think about it. I want to see him do great but he first needs to assume responsibility for his own life.

Full Coverage Car Insurance – Did I make a mistake?

I thought, today, I would really depress myself by working out how much I’ve spent on car insurance. And then working out all of the other things I could have bought instead.

I can’t remember how much I’ve paid each year since I first started driving. And I haven’t kept note because I’m neither an insanely dull person who thinks it would be of any interest to people at parties. Nor am I suicidal and keeping a trick up my sleeve for the day I need just one final push over the edge.

So I just checked out the average annual price for cheap full coverage car insurance in New York and multiplied it. (Because describing that makes a much more interesting anecdote at parties. Kill me.)

Anyway, according to Google, $462 is the average price per year. And that means, my ten years behind the wheel has cost me my sanity, plus $4620.

In those ten years, I have made no claims. None. That means I have received nothing in return for that money. I have literally thrown away over four and a half thousand pounds. That sucks!

Do you know what I could have spent that money on?

For a start, I could have spent 4 and a half months travelling Southeast Asia!

I could have bought a car that actually runs properly.

It would have paid for half of the tuition fees for my entire degree.

My dog could own over 4620 pairs of frilly pink underwear. Or almost 500 Halloween costumes.

It would have paid for me to have 1320 confusing hair salon experiences in China.

Or have a semi-naked elderly Korean woman exfoliate my naked body in a public space over 300 times.

I could have done 23 skydives.

I could have bought roughly one and a half thousand Starbucks lattes.

Fed myself for over 6 years in Thailand.

All of those things. And I chose to give it to an insurance company for nothing. I should have just bought some very cheap car insurance no deposit. Maybe next time…

People Give Bad Advice, especially in fashion

I realised something recently. I realised that if you let them, people will give you really really bad advice.

Here are a few examples of real life advice I have been given.

I was once told that if I missed a pill, I could just take 2 the next day to make up for it. That is definitely wrong.

I have also been told that it’s literally impossible for someone to take too many dietary supplements, this is also false.

Once, I owed a huge phone bill and was informed that it would be cheaper, in the long run, to go to the loan place near me and take out a payday loan. This was definitely incorrect. P.S Here’s the site I used:

The advice that told me I should be myself at job interviews was also not the best I’ve ever had. The interviewer didn’t take me calling him a dick too well. Even though I was joking. Which I think shows he has no sense of humour. And people that have no sense of humour, are dicks. So I rest my case.

My friend once told me to drive through some barriers when I got locked into a car park one night. My missing wing mirrors say I shouldn’t have listened.

That just eating a whole white baguette for lunch every day would help me lose weight. This is the opposite of true, and also the opposite of a lunch that actually tastes good. Bread is fine and all, but not plain, dry bread.

When my friend told me that wearing a dress that zips literally all the way up would be a great idea on a night out in Ibiza and that of course, I didn’t need to wear underwear with it. That ended in a lot of people seeing my vagina!

The time I was advised to save money by letting my sister dye my hair instead of going to the salon was probably the worst advice. It’s interesting how one box dye can turn your hair so many different colours all at once. None of them flattering.